Rasoi Se

Are you tired of the same old meals?

Is your life too busy? Do you wish you had more time to cook by yourself? Do you miss eating a meal that your mom prepared? Well, we a have solution for you! With over a hundred different options, ordering home-made delicious food is now possible from KPMK’s Rasoi-Se special menu. Choose your favorite home-cooked food for all dinner courses: Rajma Chawal, Dal Wada, ShalgamkaSaag, Barfi kaparantha, and an endless list that’s included in the assortment of foods! Take a look at our Rasoi-Se menu and have the perfect meal delivered at your door-step! Also if you have an urge of any item outside your city, you can place order and we get it delivered to your doorstep from other cities too.

How it Works?